Project Source Code

The following is a list of the projects that I have released as open source. The primary purpose of doing this is so that others can use the projects in their own work as well as to serve as a guide to others if they are trying to do something similar.


  • Digital Signature Library: This helper windows C/C++ library for generating key pairs, digitally signing file, and verifying signed files. It is built on top of the Windows Crypto API.

DVD Tools

  • ISO Parser: This is a simple class library to handle ISO9660 formatted files. The purpose is to allow an application to take a .iso as input and access the various file data from the image.
  • Hex Viewer: This is a C# .NET Forms application that is a bare bones hex viewer. It doesn't currently allow editing of file. Also, it doesn't read the whole file into memory so it works with large files (unlike Visual Studio's binary resource editor). NOTE: Will be uploaded to Google Project Hosting soon.


  • Javascript Toy Virtual Machine: This is a small javascript library that emulates a virtual processor. The intent is that this will eventually grow into something that can be used as a learning tool to teach others how computers actually work. The machine has a simple MIPS-like instruction set and a memory mapped display.
  • HTML Adventure Game Engine: This is a javascript adventure game engine. Currently still in its unpolished form. There is support for an inventory, actions, backgrounds, objects, and scripting. Once it is cleaned up I will post the code for it here along with an example game!