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Capitol Hill

Bad Juju Lounge ()
Map: 1518 11th Ave, Seattle 98122
As the name suggests, this bar has a very voodoo feel about it. When you go there be sure to take a look at the giant python behind the bar (you won't be able to miss it). Besides the decor, there is little else special about the Bad Juju Lounge. The drinks are made well and the food is mediocre. Overall, it's worth stopping by for a drink or two, but don't empty your wallet here.
Baltic Room ()
Map: 1207 Pine St, Seattle 98101
Although one of the more well known bars/dance clubs in Capitol Hill, unless it's a Friday or Saturday you may find the place a bit of a disappointment. When I went there on a Tuesday night the only people there consisted of my group, the bouncer, the DJ, and the bartender (oh well, at least drink service was fast). There is a good list of specialty drinks, although most are very sweet and taste similar. Go here on a weekend, but expect to pay a cover.
Barca ()
Map: 1510 11th Ave, Seattle 98122
This bar is one of my favorites in Capitol Hill. The entrance to Barca is made up of two gigantic, heavy wooden doors, and it feels more like you're entering a medieval castle than a bar. Once inside your first impression might be that this is some sort of Goth bar, but don't be fooled, the clientele are not extreme in the least. There are two floors, the main floor is open all week, while they use the upper floor on Friday and Saturday when the crowds are a bit larger. The atmosphere is very european and the bar is well known for it's large assortment of Vodkas. Barca offers vodka samplers which allow you to try 3 half ounce samplings are various vodkas (usually with a theme, e.g. Chocolate). All the drinks were very good and well prepared.
Broadway New American Grill ()
Map: 314 Broadway Ave E, Seattle 98102
More a restaurant than bar, and to be honest I haven't actually tried their drinks. The good news is that the kitchen is open until close. If you need a late bite to eat, try the Broadway Grill.
Cha Cha Lounge ()
Map: 506 E Pine St, Seattle 98122
This mexican-themed establishment offers a variety of different drinks and is generally quite crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. The drinks are nothing special and the music is usually very loud, but the atmosphere is a nice change from some of the other bars in capitol hill.
The Chapel Bar ()
Map: 1600 Melrose Ave, Seattle 98122
From the outside this bar looks very deceptive, in fact this building used to be an old funeral parlor. The white columns and inconspicuous exterior hide a very trendy, hoppin' bar within. The drinks are a bit pricey and it usually takes a while to get service; however, there is a large selection to choose from and the atmosphere is very cool. I highly recommend the Chapel.
Charlie's on Broadway ()
Map: 217 Broadway Ave E, Seattle 98102
Charlie's can be best described as a Cheers-type atmosphere...with less light and more smoke. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, but Charlie's is not that place. This bar offers the standard pub drinks and is nothing spectacular. There are two crowded billiard tables in the back room and at $1 a game I'd say avoid the billiards and save your money for drinks elsewhere.
Comet Tavern ()
Map: 922 E Pike St, Seattle 98122
Not much to look at, and not much to drink. However, they do have two billiard tables, so you may be able to get a game or two in. The cider here also isn't that bad. If you have other places to try, don't bother.
DeLuxe Bar & Grill ()
Map: 625 Broadway Ave E, Seattle 98102
They have a large assortment of specialty drinks and happy hour runs from early until closing *every* night! Away from most of the Capitol Hill action, this can either be good or bad depending on your mood that night. There is almost always ample seating and the service is fairly quick. The drink aren't that bad either. To top it off, they have a back room with two billiard tables.
Elysian Brewing Company ()
Map: 1221 E Pike St, Seattle 98122
Less a bar and more a restaurant. This large establishment has a good assortment of food as well as a large selection of home-brewed beers. The Elysian also has a very nice assortment of specialty drinks. My suggestions are the Spice Cake and/or the Dirty Girl Scout. I've also tried the Hot Buttered Rum, but found it less than satisfying. If you need a bite to eat on a night where the drinks are flowing, then stop by the Elysian for some tasty steak fries -- the best fries in Capitol Hill.
Hopvine Pub ()
Map: 507 15th Ave E, Seattle 98112
This is a nice place to relax and enjoy a beer or two...or three. On the whole, it's pretty average.
Jai Thai (Capitol Hill) ()
Map: 625 Broadway Ave E, Seattle 98102
The food here isn't very tasty compared to some of the other Thai restaurants around the region. The saving grace of this establishment are the nightly drink specials. The night I was there they had $3 Kamikazes...they were quite well prepared.
Kincora Irish Pub ()
Map: 518 E Pine St, Seattle 98122
Not a bad place to drink, but Kincora is also not my favorite establishment. The best way to experience this bar is to grab a guiness and take a seat by the fire. There is also a billiard table here, but it is usually in use.
Linda's Tavern ()
Map: 707 E Pine St, Seattle 98122
They have a lot of room here, which is nice, including a heated back patio. It's a good thing they have a patio, since it provides a needed escape from the cigarette smoke. Although big, the place can get a bit crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to go somewhere with lots of people and have a beer, try Linda's.
Stumbling Monk Pub ()
Map: 1635 E Olive Way, Seattle 98102
Specializing in Belgian beers the Stumbling Monk (besides having a cool name) is an excellent place to stop for some brew. This is one of the lesser known (and hence less crowded) bars in Capitol Hill. The place is very small so avoid meeting here with big groups. However, if you have less than 5 people then you're taste buds will be delighted by the unusual flavors and tastes of the beer here. Also, most of the beers are very alcoholic (8%-10%), so just a few drinks is enough to last you all night. NOTE: I took one of their stars away because they stopped selling my favorite beer here, Gulden Draak.
Summit Tavern ()
Map: 601 Summit Ave E, Seattle 98102
There are three S-words that come to mind when I think of Summit Tavern -- small, smokey, and $@#%ty. This is a horrible place to drink, avoid it like the plague. The only saving grace is that it is right next to Top Pot, an excellent donut place. Go for the donuts, not the drinks.


The Jolly Roger Taproom ()
Map: 1514 N.W. Leary Way, Seattle 98107
Ahoy matey! Actually located in Ballard, the Jolly Roger Tavern is a small brewery/pub that offers excellent food and a good selection of microbrews for yer enjoyment. The best part of the place is that it's decorated with a pirate theme!
ToST ()
Map: 513 N. 36th St., Seattle 98103
ToST (pronounced like Toast) is one of the better places to visit in Fremont if you're looking for live music. They have local rock bands that play every night of the week. If you arrive before 9pm you can usually avoid the cover as well. The selection of beers on tap is small, but there is a pretty good selection of martinis to enjoy. Overall, a good bar.
The Triangle ()
Map: 3507 Fremont Place N., Seattle 98103
This Fremont bar gets its name because it is located on the corner of a triangular block. As a result, the place is not extremely large inside; however, they serve good drinks and is a nice place to go early before the crowds start to show up. One note of caution, the food is a bit pricey.


Haven't been to any bars here...yet.

Pike Market & Belltown

The Alibi Room ()
Map: 85 Pike St., Seattle 98101
This is a very small bar located in Pike's Place Market. There are two levels to the bar an upstairs (which also serves as a restaurant) and a downstairs. The drink selection here is pretty skimpy and the place is pretty smal; however, if you are just looking for a place to get a drink on your way to Pioneer Square or Belltown, it's worth a visit.
The Bada Lounge ()
Map: 2230 First Ave., Seattle 98121
An extremely popular bar, the Bada Lounge has dancing on Friday and Saturdays. However, I was not at all impressed with this establishment. The bar service was extremely slow and very poor. Simply put the bartenders didn't know how to pour drinks. We ordered a Mai-tai which tasted and looked more like a lemonade. Also, the place was so crowded you could hardly move. To top it all off, we had to pay a $5 cover for this wonderful experience. My advice...find someplace else to go.
Brasa ()
Map: 2107 Third Avenue, Seattle 98121
Unless you're last name is Gates you've probably never been to Brasa. Fortunately, they have a bar and during happy-hour (5pm-7pm daily) all the bar food half-priced! This makes things very affordable. In addition to the food, however, the drinks here are actually quite good as well. They have a wide selection of unusual drinks including champagne cocktails and specialty martini's.
Kell's Irish Pub ()
Map: 1916 Post Alley, Seattle 98101
If you're looking for a good Irish pub, look no further than Kells. Located in Pike's Place Market. The food here is classic Irish Fare and there is always ample stout on tap. They also have a fine selection of whiskey which will quickly have you singing Irish chanties along with the live bands that visit weekly.
Shorty's ()
Map: 2222 Second Avenue, Seattle 98121
An excellent bar that seems out-of-place in the heart of Belltown. While there isn't much selection of drinks, the decor is pretty amazing. Your table top will likely be part of an old pinball machine, and the backroom is filled with a large collection of vintage machines for your enjoyment. Overally a good place to spend an evening with friends.

Pioneer Square

Fado Irish Pub ()
Map: 801 First Ave., Seattle 98104
My experience with Fado's has been disappointing. The first things you notice as you enter the bar is the excellent decoration and roomy surroundings; unfortunately, on the night I went they had an awful punk rock band playing that made it almost impossible to enjoy my Guiness. I did not have a very good time here, perhaps a weeknight would be better to visit.
Triangle Pub ()
Map: 553 First Ave. S., Seattle 98104
The patrons to this bar are unlike the rest of the Pioneer Square crowd. While in another neighborhood this place might pass for a nice corner bar, here it seemed out-of-place (and not in a good way). My recommendation...avoid going all the way to Pioneer Square and instead visit your own local corner bar.

University District

Big Time ()
Map: 4133 University Way NE, Seattle 98105
A local microbrewery here in the University District, which has a pretty good selection of tasty beers. The food is nothing special, but they have a lot of room to handle large groups and in the back they have a shuffle-board table for your enjoyment.
College Inn ()
Map: 4006 University Way NE, Seattle 98105
Located in the basement of a hotel. This pub is the closest stop to the University of Washington and, as a result, is always busy. A good place to go with friends, but my biggest complaint is the lack of air circulation. The place can be extremely smokey -- often to the point of being uncomfortable.
Die Bier Stube ()
Map: 6106 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98115
This german bar has a nice selection of beers to choose from. It isn't too loud and not too crowded. The best part of this bar is that they sell beer by the boot...that's right you can order a giant glass boot of beer to share around the table. However heed this warning, once you begin drinking the boot it can't touch the table again until it's empty!
Dutchess Tavern ()
Map: 2827 NE 55th St, Seattle 98105
This University District bar has all the ammenities you expect in a bar, darts, pool tables, a basketball machine, etc. The classic sports bar, this is a fun place to spend an evening. They have a full selection of beer, wine, and liquor.
Finn MacCools ()
Map: 4217 University Way NE, Seattle 98105
Is this an Irish pub or Scottish pub? I can't tell. It doesn't matter though, they have some of the cheapest pool in town at 50 cents a game. Also the nightly drink specials are very good. Two nights are particularly good...Wednesdays are $2 well-drinks and Sundays are 50% off every drink! At prices like these, there's no reason not to get drunk!
Galway Arms ()
Map: 5257 University Way NE, Seattle 98105
A small bar that can get crowded at times. Although it retains some of the charm of an Irish pub the University District crowd takes something away from the whole experience.
The Ram ()
Map: 2650 University Village Plz NE, Seattle 98105
More a restaurant than bar, this place has some good (though pricey) food. They offer a selection of Microbrews and are pretty good all-around.
Teddy's ()
Map: 1012 NE 65th St, Seattle 98115
This good pub up on 65th doesn't offer too much in the way of drinks, but the place is big and they have a wide variety of diversions (including ping-pong!). If you are looking for something out of the way yet still fun, try Teddy's.


Haven't been to any bars here...yet.